Employee Salaries

Note: The City of Boulder Open Data Catalog will be migrating to a new platform in early 2021. A link to the new dataset location is included here under 'Data and Resources'. Please bookmark https://open-data.bouldercolorado.gov/ as the future site of Boulder Open Data.

The Employee Salary dataset contains payroll and position data, including: position description, department, FLSA status, pay range, pay grade and step (if applicable), bargaining unit, and base salary information. Each row contains relevant data for a single employee or vacant position. See the “Data Dictionary” file below for important definitions and notes.

Additional supporting files include the salary bands for each pay grade and step (if applicable) for the four labor groups (Boulder Municipal Employee’s Association – BMEA; International Association of Fire Fighters – IAFF; Boulder Police Officer’s Association – BPOA; Management / Non-Union – MGMT). Also included as a supporting dataset is a list of currently used job classes by labor group and grade. The core dataset is updated semi-annually and supporting datasets on an as-needed basis.

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Last Updated December 16, 2020, 15:35 (MST)
Created April 15, 2019, 11:45 (MDT)
areas_of_inquiry What are the top paid positions? What are the most common position descriptions? How many positions does each department have? What are the city’s job classes? What are the bands for each pay grade? How does compensation vary based on bargaining unit affiliation?
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