OSMP Master Plan Survey Data 2019

Note: The City of Boulder Open Data Catalog will be migrating to a new platform in fall 2020. A link to the new dataset location is included here under 'Data and Resources'. Please bookmark https://open-data.bouldercolorado.gov/ as the future site of Boulder Open Data.

To interpret these datasets, it is essential that you have a copy of the hand-annotated survey instrument, "Boulder OSMP Codebook Version A.pdf," along with all three of the following csv files described below. In addition, these datasets were released in coordination with a detailed report describing the survey results, which will be helpful in providing more context. The report can be found on the City of Boulder Open Space and Mountain Parks (OSMP) website (specific link TBD). Note, open ended comments have been removed from this dataset, consistent with the Open Data Policy.

OSMP Master Plan Survey Data This file contains the data (survey responses) for three different surveys: (1) that from the "Scientific Survey," in which a random sample of households were invited to participate, (2) that from an "Open Participation (Opt-In) Survey," an online survey to which all residents were invited, and (3) that from a special effort made to reach Boulder’s Latino population through the promotoras network to invite them to participate (Promotoras). The data field "type" corresponds to the survey type. The next two csv files contain supporting information that is necessary to interpret the column names and the data values found in "OSMP Survey 2019 data.csv".

OSMP Master Plan Survey - Survey Question Labels This file list the variable names found in the previous csv, and then gives a few words describing what the variable means, with reference to the survey. You will need to refer to "Boulder OSMP Codebook Version A.pdf" for the full name of the survey question being referenced.

OSMP Master Plan Survey - Survey Response Option Labels For each variable, the numeric values that are possible, and their associated labels.

VERY IMPORTANT NOTE: The scientific survey data were weighted, meaning that the demographic profile of respondents was compared to the demographic profile of adults in Boulder from US Census data. Statistical adjustments were made to bring the respondent profile into balance with the population profile. This means that some records were given more "weight" and some records were given less weight. The weights that were applied are found in the field "wt". If you do not apply these weights, you will not obtain the same results as can be found in the report delivered to the City of Boulder. Please read the Instructions for Working with Survey Weights document for more information.

This survey was implemented by Erin Caldwell of the National Research Center, under contract with City of Boulder's Open Space and Mountain Parks Department.

Note: The data file contains survey responses from three different surveys. Use the Data column "Type" to distinguish among the surveys. Type=1 is the statistically valid survey, Type=2 is the open participation survey, and Type=3 is the promotoras survey.

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