Police Stop Demographics

Note: The City of Boulder Open Data Catalog will be migrating to a new platform in fall 2020. A link to the new dataset location is included here under 'Data and Resources'. Please bookmark https://open-data.bouldercolorado.gov/ as the future site of Boulder Open Data.

This data contains information related to officer-initated stops by the City of Boulder Police Department. Information on the demographics of the person stopped (sex, race, ethnicity, year of birth, whether they are a Boulder resident) and the outcome of the stop (stop location, duration, search, and result) are included. This demographic data is collected at the stop level, and no individual-level identifiers are recorded in the system during a stop.

The data published are limited to stops where the officer initiated, or had discretion, in making a stop. Instances where an officer is responding to a community or police call are considered non-discretionary, and demographics information is not collected for those stops and not included here. There are some instances of non-discretion within a stop interaction as well. For example, there may be instances where there is an outstanding felony warrant for the person stopped, and by law the officer must arrest that person.

This data will be released annually. Please read the methodology and data dictionary documents below for more information.

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areas_of_inquiry What are the most common outcomes of a stop? What proportion of stops are of non-Boulder residents? What are the most common times of day and parts of town for stop activity?
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