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  • Development Review Cases - Closed

    Polygons showing closed development review cases for the City of Boulder.
  • Subdivisions

    Polygon boundaries of subdivisions in the City of Boulder.
  • Zoning

    City zoning designations. Including residential, business, industrial, public, agricultural, mix of residential and business, residential mobile homes, main street area and...
  • Subcommunities

    City's designated subcommunities, Source - City Planning Department
  • Historic Districts

    Designated city historic districts and landmarks. Source – City Planning Department
  • BVCP Future Land Use

    The Boulder Valley Comprehensive Plan (BVCP) land use map defines the desired future land use pattern for the Boulder Valley regarding location, type, and intensity of development.
  • Annexation

    Annexation into the City of Boulder. Source – City Planning Department
  • Rental Housing

    Includes the ability to search for rental properties that have a current rental property license.
  • Open Data Catalog Datasets

    Shows all open datasets published on the City of Boulder Open Data Catalog. This dataset contains supporting information on all Open Data Catalog published datasets, including...
  • Adult Homelessness System - Nightly Boulder Program Attendance

    This data represents nightly program attendance numbers at Boulder-based providers serving single adults experiencing homelessness. Housing-focused shelter (HFS) is...
  • Senior Services Activities

    This dataset shows information on activities as part of the City of Boulder's Senior Services Program. Includes data on activity name, number, start and end date, time and days...
  • Food Tax Rebate

    Each row in this dataset represents a client's unique application for the food tax rebate program from 2015 to 2018. Each year, the City of Boulder provides rebates to help...
  • Health Equity Fund Funding

    This data represents annual funding allocations through The City of Boulder's Health Equity Fund (HEF). The HEF provides funding to community organizations and agencies...
  • Human Services Department: Grants to Community Organization

    This data represents annual funding allocations through several funding initiatives in The City of Boulder's Human Services Department. Each year, the Human Services department...
  • Human Services Fund Funding

    This data represents annual funding allocations through The City of Boulder's Human Services Fund (HSF) over the past 25 years. The HSF provides approximately $2.5 million...
  • Arts and Culture Grant Program Awardees

    Through a set of programs including cultural grants, the Boulder Arts Commission and the Office of Arts and Culture seeks to facilitate an alignment in the community around our...
  • Community Greenhouse Gas Emissions by Source and Sector

    This dataset contains annual greenhouse gas inventory results against the 2005 baseline, including a breakdown of emissions by Source (Electricity, Stationary Fuels,...
  • Crime Locations

    This dataset contains crime location data for the City of Boulder. Please note that crimes may be reclassified, unfounded or relocated during the course of an investigation....
  • Waste Diversion by Sector and Stream

    Information on total annual waste diversion, broken down by stream (landfill, recycling, organics, reuse) and sector (single family home, multifamily home, commercial). Note:...
  • ConnectBoulder Wi-Fi Usage

    Shows ConnectBoulder public Wi-Fi usage for every public Wi-Fi session, broken down by day and location. This dataset is split into 2 files due to large file sizes; all WiFi...
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